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01 December 2030 @ 03:24 am

You have arrived at the personal journal of Artster/Cherry. Travelers be warned, here there be demons~

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05 January 2012 @ 05:25 am
So, I have found out that I have decidedly the worst fucking luck of anyone known. Ever. Just when things start looking up, everything gets yanked out from under my feet into a big fucking tumbling mess.

First up to bat is my housing arrangements. I live with two fabulous roommates right now. One of which whom I've been very close with since high school. However they're taking their relationship to the next level and have decided to buy a house. Which, hey that's awesome. I'm happy for em. Bad timing on their part is they want to do it by the end of this month or the next month without...you know...telling me until about 3 days ago. Worst part is anywhere decent here in Boise for a 1bd/ba apartment is $400+. Now...I can wiggle around $400 in my budget now that I've got two routes and I'm working a bit more. But tonight just royally fucked me over and turned my blood to ice.

I was talking with one of my coworkers and seeing how he was doing and he calls me up which is incredibly rare because I've told everyone I hate talking on the phone. Well, seems like the management ripped him out of about $20. He couldn't get into one of his gated communities because the code wasn't working and he called our little carrier hotline to tell them as such. So, one of the management there tells him to leave the papers out by the gate and they would call to tell the customers they could come collect their papers by the gate since the code wasn't working. It fucking turns out that the person he talked to up and left their post to go out, take the papers, climbed over the fucking fence and delivered the papers and charged him $20 for being a "substitute". Note, there were only like...ten papers he had to deliver there. Ten. He would have gotten paid roughly $1.70 for delivering those papers. And he got charged $20 fucking dollars. I also find out that any one of these management people can pull this underhanded trick to any one of the carriers here. For no reason. What so ever. All I could see was red after I found this out and I finished up the rest of my route in a blur. (Which is where all my tweets were coming from at that point.)

And to top the icing on this cake of "Life Fucks Ya Sideways" is I got the bills for my ER visits after talking to some of the staff to mail it out for me. I about fainted at seeing how much it cost me. Three hundred dollars shy of four grand. Four grand. I...I can't...

Even as I write this now my hands won't quit trembling and shaking and I can feel my eyes burning like tears want to come out but they won't and my head is very light. I can't ever take a step forward without life immediately shoving me back ten steps down a fucking cliff side.
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09 December 2011 @ 06:58 pm
Heeeyyy guys. I'm a little behind on my Christmas stuff thanks to paychecks and other whatnots. But I do have the means of getting out some (very probably most likely late) Christmas cards and gifts now. Right now I'm waiting on one very important part to making these gifts, but I do have the means to work on creating the first half. SO. WITHOUT FURTHER ADO. If you want a present and a card from me, please give me the following:
  • Your favorite Autobot and Decepticon
  • Your favorite Autobot and Autobot
  • Your favorite Decepticon and Decepticon
I will also need:
  • An estimate of your neck size (I don't want to accidentally choke any of you or make it too big)
  • An address to send this to
All comments are going to be screened so no worries about anyone's address getting slipped out unawares.
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03 August 2011 @ 06:36 am

Another friending meme going around. Share the love.
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